Accessing my course

  1. To access your course, you will need to first go to
  2. Enter your username and password that was provided to you and then click the Login button
    Login screen.GIF

  3. To view any courses or resources that you have been enrolled in, it might be necessary to click the Courses and Resources expansion arrow as highlighted below. 

  4. Click the name of the resource to enter it. For example the name of the course displayed below is SECD NORTH AMERICAN EDITION (RED RIVER COLLEGE SITE)
    Note: Alternatively you can click the resource short name located in the Navigation panel located on the left side of the window.
  5. The 'bread crumb' course short name located in the top left side of the pane can be used to confirm that you are in the correct course.
  6. Most courses will consist of several modules. Enter the module by clicking on its name. The picture below displays two modules: Brain Development & Coping and Competence.

  7. The bread crumbs located at top left of the screen can be used to remind you what course and module you are presently viewing. It can also be used to quickly navigate. For example, clicking the House icon will return you to the main screen that displays all of the courses and resources that you are presently enrolled in.


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