How do I update my user profile?

After your initial login, you can update your profile to provide a little more information about yourself for the facilitator and your classmates. 

To update your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Science of ECD course site at   Remember:  userids and passwords are case sensitive and must be exactly as supplied.
  2. Located on the top right hand side of your screen, you will find a hyperlink to your name, as displayed below. Click on your name to begin editing your profile.


  3. The ADMINISTRATION pane is located in the left bottom corner of the screen as displayed below. If necessary ensure that the ADMINISTRATION pane is expanded by clicking the the expansion arrow directly to its right.  With the left mouse button click the Edit profile link.


  4. You are now ready to edit your profile. If necessary enter your correct First name, Last name and Email address into the respective textboxes, as shown below:


  5. Scroll down and enter your City/town and Country into their respective text box.

  6. If necessary expand the User picture category by clicking its' associated expansion arrow.
  7. Click the Add... link to attach a picture of yourself using a digital camera or scanned photo. Alternatively if your browser supports drag and drop you can drag a photo of yourself from Windows Explorer to the drag and drop area displayed below. Acceptable image formats include gif, jpg, and png.

  8. If necessary, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Update profile button to save your changes.

Picture not updated?

Browsers can sometimes cache old copies of photos, which may cause a delay in the new photo being displayed. To force an immediate refresh of your image, you will need to empty your temporary Internet files.  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari each have different ways of accomplishing this.  For detailed instructions on each browser, please consult the wikiHow page on Clearing Your Browser's Cache.


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